Don't Let Your Fish Swim in Filth

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You wouldn't want to live in a dirty space, and neither do your fish. Their tank is their home, and they deserve to have a clean space for both their health and comfort. Turn to Tropical Fish Bowl for aquarium maintenance services in Lafayette, LA. We'll make sure your tank stays beautiful by changing out the water each month to reduce the risk of harmful chemical buildup. With a clean tank, your fish can live healthier, happier and longer lives.

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Putting together your fish tank just got easier

Setting up a brand-new fish tank is a daunting task, especially if you've chosen a larger option. Luckily, the specialists at Tropical Fish Bowl are here to help.

Our aquarium installation services include...

Designing a functional and beautiful fish tank that fits your space
Putting together all of the parts and supplies so your tank functions properly
Making sure everything is secure in place before we leave

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Benefits of Water Changes

Healthier, Clearer Water: Changing the water in your tank will help remove discoloration and odor.
Reintroduction of Essential Minerals: While water filters are a key element of aquariums, they can also filter out the minerals that are good for your coral and invertebrates. Water changes also allow for a proper ratio of salt concentration.
Getting Rid of Organic Waste: Water filters cannot always filter out everything, especially larger organic waste materials that can become harmful to your water-life.
Lower Nitrogenous Pollutants: High levels of nitrate can make your fish extremely stressed, resulting in poor health, growth, and color development. Nitrate can also stunt the development of your corals and invertebrates.